Email Finder & Sending Platform

Do you ever want to send an introductory email to a company after seeing a new job posting on 8LEGS which you would like to work on?

Our new email finding feature collects email addresses, where available, from the sites we find job leads from and then allows you to create an instant email message via 8LEGS or you can create a number of different templates based on the sectors you recruit for and choose which email to send.

You'll see if an email or multiple email addresses are available on a site when the floating menu shows 'Send email'.

You can create templates and include your signature, company logo and add attachments, then easily send out emails directly from 8LEGS using your own company email address. Replies will come back to you directly in your normal email application. To create email templates just click on the left hand menu.

** The new email features are available on both our Premium and Enterprise plans. If you have a Basic plan and would like to upgrade, just click on the upgrade button on the main menu.

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