Question: I am seeing results from recruitment companies and I do not wish to see these results, how can I stop this?

Answer: Our public databases are filtered to remove results from recruitment companies, but due to the structure of some recruitment company websites, we cannot always filter out these results. All users have the ability to notify us on a search result if they feel a page or company should not be displayed in the results, see the example screenshot below;

If you select to remove a company or a job page on our public database, our moderation team will look at your request and if they are in agreement that the company or page should be removed, this will be done within 24 hours.

Should you not wish to see results from a particular company you can always utilise the 'Without companies' field in the search area. This will allow you to add companies that you do not wish to be displayed in the search results, or you can always use the Block option which will block results from the website until you unblock it.

If there is a particular phrase that you wish to remove from the results, as an example you may be seeing results relating to recruitment companies who are using the term 'our client', then you can use a boolean command which represents NOT, so as an example you could be searching for "marketing manager" but you do not wish the result to show 'our client', to run this search just create a Boolean search as follows; "marketing manager" -"our client" This search will display results that contain 'marketing manager' but 'our client' will not be in any of the results.
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